Engineering Your Future Today travels to serve northeastern North Carolina and southwestern Virginia youth in underserved areas. We partner with over 50-75 adult volunteers-primarily college students and community volunteers-to create this amazing social emotional learning experience for participants. Program offerings stretch throughout the seven cities of Hampton Roads to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Teenagers working on a project together.
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To provide quality programs, encourage and strengthen learners’ skills and abilities through experiential activities, unlocking doors of opportunity, where learners engineer their futures by participating in challenging grade appropriate projects.


Engineering Your Future Today works in communities…

Our Practiced & Learned Values:

We provide an all-inclusive environment that promotes sharing of knowledge, skills and learning in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation at an early age. We encourage teams working together on goals that can only be accomplished in collaboration and with help and input from each participant. Because respecting each other’s opinion and valuing what each participant brings to a project must start an early age. We encourage this way of learning now more than ever.


Our Achievable Goal:

To provide hands-on interactive activities, which allows an ongoing cycle of action, rethinking and redesigning. We know when learners actively participate in meaningful activities and reflect on them, learners get a deeper understanding of concepts and mastery of skills.



To offer opportunities of continued learning

through relevant and fun activities provide students a “no pressure” environment or “safe place” to learn, succeed or fail. Knowing there are no good or bad ways to learning, succeeding or failing allows students opportunity for continued communication to flow easily without apathy.



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